Here at FUSSmag we are looking for fashion and fine art editorials. We feature only female photographers and artists.


- We prefer editorials that have not been online, including any form of social media.

- We prefer if the shoot was unpublished but have made exceptions if we really LOVE the images.

- When submitting your editorial, please include a minimum of six images, the more the better. We look for editorials that have a variety of looks as well as a story.

- Here at FUSSmag, we have specific themes for each month. Editorials that do not go along with the theme of the month it was submitted for, will not be accepted.

- Posting your images online before they have been published in FUSSmag will result in your images being pulled from the issue.

-Please understand that we do not offer monetary compensation. But as a contributor, you will receive a full digital copy of the issue your editorial was published in.

- Being commissioned or obtaining a pull letter does not guarantee publication is FUSSmag. Any expenses of your shoot are at your own risk.

- When you submit your work for publication in FUSSmag, you understand that you are granting us unrestricted non-exclusive license to use the photographs now and in the future. Published images become a permanent part of the magazine.

If interested in submitting, please email with the following information: The month/theme you are submitting for (we only publish editorials that fit with our themes). Low res versions of your editorial set. Please have the .jpeg files attached directly to your email (.pdf files of editorials will be considered if they are well-done layouts of the story).  Title of your editorial. External links to the editorial submission (ex. dropbox) will not be viewed therefore not accepted. Please attach images (or .pdf) directly to your email.  You must have the rights to the images you are submitting for us to consider them.

If your editorial is accepted for publication, we will email you within one week after the submission deadline. If you do not hear from us within 7 days after the deadline of the theme you submitted for, your editorial was not accepted.