January Color Tantrum. Editorials focusing on color. Submissions due by December 20th.

February Beautiful Boudoir: We are open to your creative interpretation. We’d love to see submissions that exemplify femininity, elegance, and/or sensuality. Anything from lingerie to artistic nudity will be considered. Submissions are due January 30th.

March Black//White: We are looking for gorgeous, all black and white editorials, as well as editorials that focus on black/white fashion, monochrome. Submissions are due for the March issue no later than February 20th.

April La Vie En Rose: It is the French way of saying, ‘I am looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses’”. Editorials should focus on flowers and/or tones of pinks. Submissions due no later than March 20th.

May Surrealism: We are looking for beautiful, outside the box editorials. Anywhere from fine art photography, as well as editorials that fit to YOUR own interpretation of surrealism. Submissions are due April 20th.

June Gold Rush!: We are looking for editorials involving metallics. Submissions are due May 20th.

July WATER: Our Summer issue. We are looking for creative editorials that include pools, lakes, oceans, beaches, underwater, etc. Submissions are due by June 15th.

August Upside Down: We are looking forward to different interpretations of this theme. Submissions are due by July 15th.

September Analog: Open theme, but all editorials must be analog. No editorials shot with a digital camera will be accepted. Submissions are due by August 15th.

October Dark Matter: Our dark issue. Interested in all things frightening/mysterious/eerie/dark for this issue. Only darker themed editorials. Submissions are due by September 15th.

November Time Machine: Editorials that represent the past OR future. Submissions are due by October 15th.

December Ice Bound: Our Winter issue. Submissions are due by November 15th.